about us

To be a Junglist
is to be peaceful

With plenty of ideas, but little knowledge about owning a production company, Dawn Becker (Breakz Of Dawn) founded Rudegyal Entertainment in 2007.

Rudegyal Entertainment’s inaugural event was on Sept. 24, 2009, featuring Dirtyphonics, a group of electronic DJ’s from France. Despite Dirtyphonics putting on a magnificent show, Becker’s lack of experience as a promoter resulted in poor turnout. Becker learned from the setback and made the necessary adjustments.

Gaining experience promoting parties in 2010, Becker landed a weekly production at One Eyed Jacks, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Becker dubbed the weekly endeavour, “One Eyed Fridays,” and it was an instant success. The seasonal gig offered an indoor/outdoor bar, and Becker would showcase DJs, both locally and from out of town. During this two-year stretch, Becker also started a venture in the Fire Room at Elements Night Club, and was part of the 100.3 CKMS (101.9 now) weekly radio show called the “Rudegyal Underground Connection.”

Taking some much needed downtime, Becker, like most people, was halted by the complications of covid and the pandemic. The lack of in-person concerts, and influx of online shows, had Becker feeling unmotivated. Fortunately, she met an MC out of the UK named MC G-one and he was starting a monthly show called Coast2Coast DNB. It featured DJs from all over the world, and Becker was fortunate enough to be selected. For the first time in years, she was enthusiastic about the opportunity before her.

Embracing the full spectrum of Jungiist culture, Becker continues to DJ, and has started the Rudegyal Entertainment clothing line, Rudegyal Swag.

So keep your eye open for the beginning of something promising and brilliant.